Locked out of your Access Panel?

We'll Help Get You In

Things can get a bit tricky when you find yourself unable to get into an access panel that contains your circuit breakers, flow valves, security keys, or whatever else fits behind an access panel.

For those times where you find yourself in a bind and in need of a timely professional to help you gain access to your locked panel, you can bet on us to be there for you.

The Importance of

Secure Security

Here at Washington. Locksmiths, we’ve fully embraced the 21st century. Ensuring the security of your home or business begins with high-quality locks and ends with a high-performance closed-circuit video feed of the most vulnerable parts of the property.

When it comes to security, people are often the greatest weakness. Even the most vigilant will eventually slip-up and leave themselves vulnerable to an attack or robbery. At this time in history, however, it’s never been easier to secure your property with just a few well-placed CCTVs, so give us a call today if you want to keep your family or business safe even when you’re asleep or away.

Feel Safe With

Home Monitoring

The most effective approach to physical security is to narrow down your “attack surface” — the number of ways in which people can bypass your security. Having up-to-date locks and a minimal number of keys is a good start, but what if someone knows how to bypass a lock? What if you’re not home and they enter through a window?
Having an operational CCTV on your property narrows your attack surface down tremendously. In most instances, simply having a camera makes it less likely that someone will try and break-in. We also suggest placing stickers and signs around your property to ensure that everyone knows you’re watching.
With modern CCTV options, there’s no need to obsessively monitor the live-feeds. There are apps that, for a small fee, will send alerts to your phone if the cameras pick anything up that seems suspicious. There’s even technology out there today that you can buy that will record the license plates of every car that passes your home. Having technology like that lowers your attack-surface and keeps you and your loved ones safe.