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There are a number of reasons why you should call us to service the locks around your home. When moving into a new home, it’s imperative that you change all of the locks to your house – even ones that secure your windows and fences. You never know who had a key when the last owners lived there. Maybe a neighbor has one for when the owners went on vacation, or maybe a persona non grata from years past is looking to break in for malicious reasons.

There are just too many reasons to list here why it’s important to call a locksmith when you move into a new home. Generally, we suggest that you change your locks every few years. Have you ever had someone take care of your home while you were on vacation or away for work? Can you be 150% certain that whoever you gave a key to (or whoever THEY know) won’t do something invasive to you or your family? Why take that risk?

Replacing the locks to your home will help you sleep easier at night. You’ll know that you and your family are safe from bad faith actors, and that you took simple and effective steps to protect those you love.